The Llama

Our handsome llama, Seger, is not only fun to look at, but he's useful, too!  He is a guardian to our goats, keeping them safe from predators when they are out in the big pasture and during the night when they are in the smaller paddocks and barn.  He also has nice fiber which we sometimes use for felting projects. 

The Goats

Registered Nubians


We primarily raise Nubian dairy goats because we love their delicious milk which is milder and higher in butterfat than many other breeds.  We also love their big personalities and long, floppy ears!  Our goats are all show quality and we select for good temperaments and ease of milking.  Whether you're looking for a goat for a 4-H project, open showing, or just to provide milk for you and your family, our goats are a great fit.


Registered Nigerian Dwarfs

We couldn't resist keeping at least a few of these adorable little miniature dairy goats on the farm.  Like the Nubians they have very sweet, high butterfat milk, and they are also just the cutest little things.  They're full of funny antics and silly personalities.  They're especially nice for younger kids due to their smaller size.

The Chickens

We keep a small flock of laying hens primarily for our own egg use.  Occasionally we have surplus eggs which we make available to customers but most of the time, we eat what they're providing!

The Horses

We have two horses at the farm.  Amigo is our trusty Quarter Horse gelding and has lived with us since 2007.  He is 22 years old now but still loves to go out for mellow trail rides and occasionally goes to some local horse shows.  Our other big guy, Dublin, is a Cleveland Bay/Thoroughbred cross.  He's had an active career as a hunter jumper, dressage and 4-H show horse and at 17 he is still having fun. 

The Barn Cats

Dusty and Rusty have been on the farm for over 10 years!  They are the most snuggly pair of kitties I've ever met.  While they are good hunters and help keep our mouse population under control, they are also very pampered fellas that spend most of their days napping in our heated mudroom! 

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