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Each year we breed 5-8 of our dairy goats and sell most of the babies.  Occasionally we sell milkers, too.  If you'd like to reserve a baby out of one of our does, please contact us at cheesecoach2014@gmail.com.  Below are our does with pictures of the kids we currently have for sale.   We also are selling one of our herdsires this year.

Briar Gate Starburst  - #AN1524194


Starburst is a 2010 daughter of Skittles, our very first doe.  She won Reserve Champion Junior Doe at the CDGA Harvest Show in 2011 and won dam and daughter at the Boulder County Fair in 2012, 2013 and 2015.   In 2013 she won BEST OF SHOW at the Boulder County Fair, as well as Best Udder, Best Dairy Herd and Supreme Champion Dairy Goat. In 2018 she again won Supreme Champion Dairy Goat at the Boulder County Fair.  Starburst is a very calm, sweet doe and an extremely easy milker, producing close to a gallon a day in her prime.  She is retired now but still ruling the herd and being spoiled rotten.

Briar Gate Capella - #AN1686790

Capella is the 2014 daughter of Starburst, one of our nicest does.  She won second place in the Junior Nubian show at the Boulder County Fair in 2014 and was Best Junior Doe in 2015.  In 2018 she won Champion Nubian at the Tri-County Goat Show and won Best of Show at the Boulder County Fair .  She has kidded twins each of the past three years and is easy to milk and a big producer.  She will not kid in 2019 but will be bred again for 2020 kids.

Briar Gate Calypso - #AN1776652

Calypso is the great granddaughter of our very first doe, Skittles, and the daughter of Capella.  She was part of a trio of doelings from our herd that won BEST 3 JUNIORS at the Colorado Dairy Goat Association Harvest Show in September 2016.  She showed very competitively at the Weld County Goat Extravanza and Tri-County Goat show in 2018 and was Reserve Champion Nubian at the Boulder County Fair is 2018.  She kidded April 2, 2019 with a doeling and a buckling who has now been wethered.


Doeling:  $350

Buckling: $100

(Take them both for $350!)



Mosaic Vino Elexa - #N1599159


Elexa is one of our biggest and prettiest does.  In addition to being very easy to handle and a great milker, she won best Senior Nubian and Best Udder at the Boulder County Fair in 2014.  She was be bred to our purebred Nubian Buck Winter Sun Ace of Spades (#N1796912) and had a doeling and a buckling in April 2019.  We are keeping both this year but will have 2020 kids for sale from Elexa.

Doelings:  $350

Bucklings: $150

Sugarbeet Eliza Schuyler

Eliza is a sweet and pretty Nigerian Dwarf doe from a wonderful milking and showing line.  She kidded in March of 2019 and had two beautiful doelings.  She's been a wonderful mother and has a very nice udder that is quite milkable.  Elixa hasn't been in the show ring yet but her mother and sister have done well at ADGA local and national shows.

Doelings: $350

(or $500 for both!)


Running Willows Kiss (Willow) - #D1799473

Willow is a pretty and sweet little Nigerian Dwarf out of Winter Sun Tulip and Big Mtn Country Beck.  She was born June 3, 2016 and will be bred for the first time this year to Heaven's Hollow Winning Colors to kid in March 2019.  Willow won first place in her age class at the CDGA Harvest Show in 2017 but was not shown in 2018. 

E-mail us for more information at cheesecoach2014@gmail.com



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