Buck Service

We have two registered Nubian Bucks.  We do provide breeding service to outside does but they must present proof of a negative CAE test result within the past year.  Details about our buck service can be found below.

Winter Sun Ace of Spades - #N1796912
Ace is a calm and gentle proven red buck from very good stock.  He has thrown majority red kids. 
Service Fee:  $60 per doe bred/$40 for 4-H
Briar Gate Triton - #AN1852383
Triton was a spring buckling out of Capella in 2017.  He has great colors including a brown underside and big white spots.  He is the great grandson of our original doe, Skittles, who was brown with spots. 
Service Fee:  $50 per doe bred/$35 for 4-H
Details about our Buck Service
Buck service is only provided to does that are healthy and have a documented negative CAE test result within the past year.  We can either do on-the-spot breeding if you know when your doe is in heat, or we can provide boarding on a limited basis and as space is available.  For boarding, we ask that you bring only dry does (we do not provide milking service) and that you supply your own hay and feed.  We also ask that you bring a companion goat if you are only bringing a single doe to be bred (companions will not be charged a boarding fee).
Live births are not guaranteed, but if your doe does not settle after the initial service, you may bring her back for additional service without incurring an additional fee.  A paper service memo will be provided, or for those who have an ADGA membership, we can provide you with an electronic service memo once the kids are born.
Buck service fees are listed above.  Boarding is available for $5.00 per day per doe being bred.

E-mail us for more information at cheesecoach2014@gmail.com



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