About Us

Briar Gate Farm is a five acre family farm run by Kate and Brian Johnson.  We're located on a quiet, country street overlooking the Rocky Mountain foothills just north of Boulder, Colorado.  We raise dairy goats, teach cheesemaking classes and participate in local 4-H activities.  We also have horses, chickens, a llama and barn cats to round out our little menagerie.



Our philosophy...

Whether working with the animals, learning a new skill or exploring your own personal development, we believe that an authentic, respectful and positive approach works best.   With the horses, our techniques center around natural horsemanship practices with a focus on safety, fun and mutual respect.  Our dairy goats are treated with love and affection and we appreciate the high quality milk they provide for us.  Our chickens enjoy the great outdoors and a safe environment and in return give us delicious and nutritious eggs.

E-mail us for more information at cheesecoach2014@gmail.com



11227 N 66th St.

Longmont, CO  80503

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